Do you want  It's a great name!  I was going to use it but the project fell apart when the principals didn't care to proceed.  I may still use it for the original project but it will need to get in line behind other things I'm doing.

I will lease it for 20 years starting at $150 per month with annual increases indexed to a cost of living index.  We can decide on which index we like at a later time.

Said another way in case you attended the same secret economics school attended by Obama, your cost 10 years from the day we make an agreement will buy the same things that $150 will buy the day we make the agreement.  

Let me be really simple just in case you are Obama.  If $150 will buy 150 apples today, your lease 10 years from today will be equal to what 150 apples will cost at that time.  I suspect that the cost of a single apple ten years from now will be in the area of $50. 

If you are among those who voted to return that moron Obama to office I will do the math for you.  $50 times 150 is $7,500.  Therefore if my theory is correct, the site will cost you $7,500 per month ten years from now.

Before I sign off, let me remind you that if you rob from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on a vote from Paul.  Again said another way, if Santa is allowed to hand out gifts paid for by someone else, no one will ever vote against Santa.

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